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Meet Liberator and Founder of Live Free and visionary of the Intimate Conversation Tour Sonya J. Wells!

What is this Tour About?

This tour "Fifty Shadows of Pain" speak volumes as to it purpose. I sense such a strong urgency a carried the message of healing, transformation and liberation to women who are struggling and unsure of how to break self-destructive patterns or deal what's dealing with you. There is a deficient in socieity when it comes to dealing with the pain in our lives. That deficient is my is my assignment to meet this need. 

“Fifty Shadows of Pain” speaks to the woman who is clearly ready to take control of life and stop allowing it to take control of her. Life is constantly challenging us in one way or the other. The key is being prepared for the challenges! 

Pain is a constant reality…how do you handle it? Or is it handling you? Pain is a real physical thing that can stop you dead in your tracks. Most of the time you might not realize it, no one escapes it. You can however, erase and deal with it in productive and healthy ways.  

Pain comes in our lives in many ways. It shapes and colors our life and can redefine us in a positive or negative way. Only you have the power to determine its impact. 

Who is this tour for...

This tour is for the Grown and Ready Woman, all others keep doing what you are doing…dressing it up, sexing it up, shopping it up, pretending and whatever you may do to cover up what’s really dealing with you. 

Question…are you that WOMAN that’s READY to REDEFINE and ERASE your PAIN? 

Here’s how you know you are ready, if you have either thought or said the following: 

“There is more to my life than what I am living.” 

“It’s time to make some changes but I don’t know how.” 

“I keep going through the same cycles over and over again.” 

“There is something that has me stuck in the same place, I want out!” 

“If I could just get past this one thing in my life I know my life would be better.” 

“I wish I knew how to let go of all the junk that’s in my heart.” 

“I keep attracting the same type of man, is something wrong with me?”

Did I hit a nerve or what…if so you are in the right place!

What YOU Can Expect?

The event is specially designed to be an interactive, transforming, serenc and a spiritually charged environment. Here's my only request...come ready, expecting and open to experience transformation and you will leave with the following:  

  •  You will not only identify what’s dealing with you but why; the root causes. 
  •  You will learn how pain has affected you and exactly what that has cost you. 
  •  You will learn how to release the pain and the memories attached to it. 
  •  You will rewrite your story to live from a place of victorious living rather than victimhood. 
  •  You will create new strategies for handling the traumatic events of life. 
  •  You will learn how dealing with pain is key to your heart health. 
  •  You will learn the difference between selfishness and self-fullness. 

Here is an EXTRA BONUS for those who take action now! 

The first 10 ladies to register for each city will receive a VIP Group Session with Sonya right after the event. A $497 value. The VIP session will give you an additional level of healing, wholeness and transformation that will forever shift your life. 

Investing in the Intimate Conversation Tour is PRICELESS!  

You can’t put a price on all that you will experience by investing in yourself. Your FREEDOM, HEALING, TRANSFORMATION, LIBERATION is something you cannot put a price on, it’s something that will impact every area of your life. 

Your weave, nails, shoes, car, purses and clothes will fade away but this investment will last you a lifetime. 


March 25, 2017


April 1, 2017


May 20, 2017


July 15, 2017

Location to be Announced


August 26, 2017

Location to be Announced

Registration ONLY $37

ICT Attendees Testimonials

"I did not leave the way that I came. Thank you and your staff for an amazing life changing event. For those of you that are unsure about attending this event, I would like to say don't cheat yourself treat yourself." ~C. Peoples (ICT- Shreveport)

The pain within you is burried deep under the core. Just for this day, Be open and let your heart be free of the pain you have burried. Let Sonya and her team bless you in a way never experienced before. Be open to reveal your heart, its such a wonderful blessing. Don't wait to register as we are still discussing this a week after the seminar. ~V. Mitchell (ICT-Omaha)

Thank you for being a beacon of light for my mother. She attended your seminar on Saturday in Omaha. Since leaving you, she found her smile again and can't stop talking about all she gained! ~ A loving daughter! (ICT-Omaha)

The Impact of Sonya J. Wells

“I’ve been on a journey; the only thing I can say is I was a broken and wounded woman. I signed up for Women on Wings Spiritual Enrichment and Personal Development Program with Sonya. God truly used Sonya to help me get control of my mind and emotions. I’m growing...thank you for your dedication to women.” ~S. Hunnicutt 

“I was ready for change and I meet Sonya J. Wells,” in December she walked in to my little world. My experience at the Intimate Conversation changed my life. Thank you, I'm so FULL right now that I KNOW that I am truly unstoppable, I have no limits. Thank you and your willingness to be used by God just for me. Thank you I can't say it too many times.” ~A. Dickerson

Transparent. Relevant. Empowering. These are just a few words that come to mind when Sonya J. Wells hits the platform. Unless you are ready to be challenged and changed, you don't want to invite Sonya! Her presentation style is savvy, unique and refreshing! ~K. Holland

Sonya is a life coach with a genuine heart, a tenacious concern and a breadth of knowledge that is apparent. I keep this woman on speed dial! ~M. Anthony

I've had the honor of working with Sonya Wells. It's very clear to me that she been blessed with the gift of healing. I've sought help for over a decade to overcome the scars from traumatic issues in my life. I felt incredibly drawn to contact Sonya after listening to her on a teleseminar. My instincts get nudging me to call her and it's the best thing I could have done. ~W. Owen

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Intimate Conversation Agenda

Time: 9:30am - 2:00pm

Connecting, Conversation and Registration (30 Minutes)

Opening up and Exhaling (15 Minutes)

The Conversation (1.5 hours)

Refresh Yourself ( 20 Minutes)

The Intimacy Experience (1.5 Hours)

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